Record amount won in Polish number games was hit!

There was an absolute record of the amount won in the history of Polish number games – PLN 193,396,500.00 in Eurojackpot!

This day can already be considered the most important in the history of number games in Poland! On May 10th, 2019, an absolute record for the amount of the prize was set – the Polish player won a record amount of PLN 193,396,500.00 in Eurojackpot!

The main prize in this game was shared with the person who played in Germany. Let’s repeat it because it’s hard to believe – the new record for the amount of winnings in LOTTO games in Poland is from today PLN 193 396 500.00.

Here are the numbers drawn on May 10th in the historical Eurojackpot draw for Poland: 5, 7, 15, 19, 29 and 3 and 8.

The lucky winner from Poland won a record amount in Eurojackpot. Never before has any Polish player won such a large amount. So far, the highest win is the “six” in Lotto, worth PLN 36 726 210.20, hit in 2017 in Skrzyszów.

Since the establishment of the lottery in 2012, the maximum prize was reached and won seven times. The Eurojackpot, in which 18 European countries take part, is particularly popular in Germany, which is why it is quite common to win millions of wins for Germans. In 2016, a player from Baden-Württemberg won EUR 90 million. At the time it was the highest win in the history of number games in Germany.

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