Report: February Was a Record-Breaking Month for Casino Streaming Worldwide

Gamers have embraced twitch at a phenomenal rate due to its simplicity and easy integrations with popular games and consoles. The site has overtaken Youtube to become the major force in streaming for gamers, with in excess of 260 Billion minutes of video consumed so far this year on Twitch, and 117,300 concurrent streamers on average broadcasting on the platform.

The site is also home to casino streamers, playing blackjack, poker, roulette and slots – having fun and trying to win big. Many of the streamers have partner deals in place with twitter, or with affiliates or casino operators.

In February 2021 The “slots” category was the 76th most watched on Twitch based on hours watched per month

A new February data breakdown of slots data from Twitch by leading casino review website reveals some interesting numbers – including the fact that two streaming records were smashed in the online slots category on Twitch in February

Slots Category Records Broken in February 2021 on Twitch

● 175 slots channels were streaming slots games on Twitch in February, on average

● A peak of 25,365 average slots viewers worldwide was reached on Twitch in February

Twitch Slots Category – February 2021 Key Trends

● Total Hours of slots watched: 17,019,922 hours

● Hours Broadcast in the slots category : 110,975 (+4.7% from January)

● Average Viewers of slots category: 25,261 (+2.4% from January)

● Average # of Slots Channels: 154 (+4.8% from January)

● Most Concurrent Viewers: 72.877 (+11.1% from January)

● Total Slots Broadcasters in Feb: 4,896

● Top 3 slots streamers of Feb: ROSHTEIN, ClassyBeef, DeuceAce


February 2021 Top 10 Slots Streamers

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