Romania – Which is the best online bookmaker?

Which is the best online betting agency? A question with 2 responses, of which only one of us is interested. If I had been asked this question 2 years ago, while there were no licenses and I could bet at all agencies in the month, I had an answer.

If it were to be put to me today, when we have less than 15 licensed online bookmakers, the answer would be another one. And I will write about this answer in this article.

In order to establish the best online betting house you have to consider some aspects. These are:

  • the seriousness of the betting house – when I mean seriously, I do not think about paying the winnings because all online betting agencies will make payments as long as the clients play correctly (do not open multiple accounts, do not try to take advantage of quota errors etc) . Seriousness in this case refers to how the agency treats its clients and the relationship the agency has with its clients. There are some online bookmaking agencies that some clients complain about getting too long to check their account, as they have been waiting too long for withdrawals. Instead, there are also agents such as, or where this type of seriousness issues do not appear or if isolated cases occur.
  • customer relations – an aspect that shows how much a betting bookmaker is interested in Romania is also represented by the available ways to get in touch with the agency’s agents. A betting house that has live chat service is certainly more appropriate to one in which communication is via emails. This is especially true for beginners. In this chapter all 3 bookmakers are very good because they have live chat service.
  • the number of events available for betting – a good online betting house must cover as many sporting events and as many sports as possible, not just 10-11 sports disciplines and focus on the main competitions. At this point or stand out from the competition.
  • the betting offer for each event – it matters a lot and what betting options are available to bettors. Here I would not necessarily refer to the betting offer for Champions League matches in football or League One, where most bookmakers are very good, but also in second hand competitions, such as the second league in Romania. Between a betting house that has 30 types of bets and another with over 60 betting options is a big difference. Again we notice here (especially due to the offer of Asian handicap) and (where we find some types of bets that we have not seen before at any other licensed operator).
  • the quality of the odds – this is not taken into account by many bettors, especially the beginners or those who play many matches on the ticket. But even if you play 7-8 forecasts on the ticket, you have to consider the quality of the odds, and even the more you have to keep in mind. Between playing 10 RON on a ticket with 7 bets with chances 50-50 (eg total basketball points) at odds of 1.80 and playing 10 RON on a similar ticket but at a home where the odds are 1.85 the difference is over 120 RON. That’s why when you choose a betting house it also counts the odds offered by it. Again, this is again on and

If I aggregated all of the points presented by me in this article, it would appear that playing at both and can be said that you will play at the best online betting house. We can say that a mix of these agencies gives the best betting operator on the internet.

As this mix does not exist, we need to reorient and play on both. Fortuna is not even a betting book, especially if you want to make transactions without having to use cards or bank accounts, because Fortuna can deposit and withdraw money in / from online betting accounts directly from street agencies.

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