Romania – How do we choose online bookmakers to play in 2018 ?!

Unfortunately, many bettors choose to play at a single agency, which they have come to completely randomly. Those who disregard the rule saying that “you can not make a long-term profit on sports betting if you do not play more agencies” have little chance of rounding up the revenue from this activity.

This is mainly due to the fact that each operator offers different odds for the same markets, and the bettor who is registered with several top online bookmakers can always play the best market share. Although those few percentages earned on each bet may seem insignificant, in fact, in the medium to long term, those 2-4% can even make the difference between earning and losing. So, the first factor of choosing betting houses is to aim to play at more and to assess the value of the odds provided by those for the sports, championships and betting types that we are generally interested in.

Secondly, we have many other factors to consider, such as accepted payment methods, facilities and features offered, loyalty programs, types of offers available, and recurrence or validity, and so on. In this sense, it is good to document in detail about respectable operators, which can facilitate a pleasant experience.

However, our mission is much simpler since we have the charts and reviews on the site of the wagon community in Romania. Here we can see the best online bookmakers top by popularity, depending on your mobile experience, odds, offers, and so on.

As a matter of fact, I can see with the naked eye that the majority of our bettors in the country prefer to play at the 5 online bookmakers recommended by the pros. Let us therefore point out some ideas about the favourite agencies of specialists from the largest and most active community of bettors in our country:

  • The Sportingbet Online Betting Agency has a modern and fast interface, a host of great deals that every user can enjoy every day, and an excellent loyalty program.
  • The Betfair operator has the world’s number one Betting Exchange platform, allowing you to trade peer-to-peer odds, but also enjoy various interesting features in the traditional betting section.
  • Betano sports betting stands out through semi-permanent bids that do not require any traffic, but also through the innovative iOs and Android app that allows voice bets to place bets.
  • The richness of the Unibet sports offer can be seen both in the number of sports events included and in the betting options, such as Asian handicaps. In addition, at Unibet you will have access to real-time viewing over 30,000 matches.
  • In addition to the flexibility to trade, including cash deposits and withdrawals, Netbet’s online betting house often has a rich offer of live bets, which is of course complemented by numerous live video and partial cash outs.

It’s good to find out more about these bookmakers on the internet so you can better understand how you can make better use of each other’s strengths.

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