Roskomnadzor opens case against Google

Roskomnadzor agency announced it had opened an administrative case against Google LLC over the refusal to connect to the federal state information system (FGIS) and its list of “prohibited Internet resources.” The case will be considered at some point next month.

Roskomnadzor recently threatened Google with an administrative penalty of RUB700k (US$10,400) for displaying blacklisted domains in its search results, including many internationally licensed online gambling operators.

Roskomnadzor routinely blacklists over 10k gambling domains each month, including another 3,500 in the seven days ending November 21. In June 2017, some Russian Internet service providers temporarily blocked access to Google after one of the search engine pages contained a redirect to a prohibited gambling website. Russian internet providers have already automated their services to meet the requirements of Roskomnadzor.




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