Roskomnadzor to launch a new online filtering tool

Roskomnadzor plans to launch a new system for filtering and blocking illegal content on the Internet in 2018. The announcement was made by the head of the department, Alexander Zharov, at a meeting with Russian members of the parliament. The technical details of the new filtering tool were not specified.

“We are currently working on a completely new system for filtering and blocking illegal content,” said Zharov. – I believe that it will be launched within a year, and the situation will change dramatically. Now we are blocking only the information that has been already published on the Internet.”

Roskomnadzor is Russia’s telecom watchdog which has already blocked over 90 thousand gambling domains in 2018, which is almost 30 thousand more that in 2017. The institution has published its first gambling blacklist 4 years ago, however still is fails to provide effective firewall.

As for today there are only 15 sports betting operators in Russia. The rest of gambling websites are to be blocked according to the Russian laws. It is worth noting that Roskomnadzor has blocked about 13 thousand gambling domains in September this year.

Source: TASS

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