Russain Bookies strengthen their presence in the media market

Russian legal bookmaker Liga Stavok has launched a website called Playmaker with analytics and sports news. Previously, the company has been publishing a weekly magazine “Glavnaya Stavka” with a print run of 8 thousand copies, but it was decided to close the magazine due to the decline in interest in print media. The funds saved will be used to develop the new website. According to Kommersant’s information, this is about 20 million rubles. per year.

According to the deputy general director of the Liga Stavok, the main task of the new project is to increase loyalty and build an ecosystem around the brand. The company expects that the website, unlike the magazine, will be able to become profitable even within a year at the expense of advertising costs. The news webportal will specialize in sports events analytics.

According to Paruyr Shahbazyan, the founder of the “Rating of Bookmakers” website, here are already several online media launched by bookmakers on the Russian market. Sport24, which is part of the betting company, can be assumed a successful attempt. However, it is difficult to judge its profitability, the expert says. He also warns of “very serious competition” in the sports media market. Another similar project is Sportmatch (, which is associated with the bookmaker Parimatch. However, Parimatch itself denies any connection with SportMatch.


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