Russia – Elections betting has been restricted in Russia

The Ministry of Finance of Russia presented a bill limiting the range of activities legal for betting. According to Interfax, the document notes that bookmakers can accept bets on the outcome of voting and elections, except for those held in Russia, reports NSN

At the same time, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev stressed that the proposal to ban the election bets is not related to the current election campaign. According to him, the department assumes that the bill will not be accepted until March 18 – on this day in Russia presidential elections will be held.

The main analyst of the BC “League of Rates” Yegor Mitrushkin told NNS that the rates, which are discussed in the draft of the Ministry of Finance, are not popular in Russia at all. Betting on political events is one millionth of a percent of the total.

“There will be no more than a thousand bets. Coefficients are not very large. In general, people are only interested in the current moment events. Especially those events which are live broadcasted. And such long-term rates are not in much demand. This is generally a damped market and all this is not popular at all. And even if they make bets, they do not bet more than 100 rubles, “the source said.

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