Russia: horse racing and bets of sports events return gradually

Moscow and Pyatigorsk city hippodromes started to broadcast horse races online in May. It is noted that the participants of the races take individual protective measures against coronavirus and no visitors are allowed.

Dozens of participants from all over the country took part in the reopened races, which is relatively less than in the pre-quarantine period. In total, five races were announced in which the main winner was determined.

Moreover, the return of some international sports events will reduce the demand for e-sports betting, the rates on which significantly helped Russian bookmakers survive in the quarantine period. Gradually, football matches will be replaced by e-sports in betting lines.

According to Darina Denisova, head of the Russian Association of Bookmakers,  after the return of European football championships, the demand for eSports betting will decrease. This is due to the fact that fans of classic sports over the age of 30 are more conservative in this matter, and in this regard, in terms of popularity, as well as volumes in bets, the direction of computer games cannot compete with real football matches.


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