Russia to ban instant online lotteries

Russian Ministry of Finance has proposed to prohibit the sale of tickets for no draw-based (instant) lotteries online. As reported by RIA Novosti, this follows from the draft law submitted by the Ministry.

According to the Ministry, under the cover of such type of lotteries illegal online gambling can be organized.

Currently, only state lotteries are legal in Russia, regulated by the Government of the Russian Federation, and organized by the Ministry of Finance or Sports. The sale of paper lottery tickets is allowed only in the banks, post of Russia and specialized kiosks, while electronic tickets can be bought either online, or through a special mobile application.

Online lotteries are prohibited by the current legislation Russia. There is only one exception, namely  the All-Russian national and international lottery. However, there is no direct prohibition on the sale of electronic tickets of so-called instant (no draw-based ). According to the Ministry of Finance, such type of lotteries can be a cover for illegal online gambling. Therefore the authors of the bill propose to update the rules.


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