Russia to clear the market of illegal bookies in 5 years

According to the deputy general manager of Casino Sochi, Dmitry Anfinogenov, and deputy general director of Liga Stavok betting company, Alexander Egorov, there will be no illegal betting companies on the Russian market in the nearest future.Currently, the activity of bookmakers is regulated by law. However, there is a de facto shadow market, the volume of which is about 70%.

Anfinogenov explained that everyone is interested in completely removing this business from the shadows. According to the expert, it may take about five years to do this.

In turn, Alexander Egorov noted that legal betting operators are active participants of the Russian sports industry, as companies regularly make targeted contributions and sponsor teams, leagues and sport events.

It is also worth noting that the CEO of the bwin Russia Dmitry Sergeev in his Facebook account reported that Sberbank of Russia informed him about the inadmissibility of making payments to foreign gambling companies.

The purpose of the innovations is to prohibit credit organizations from transferring funds from the territory of the Russian Federation to the benefit of foreign operators who work violating the country’s laws.

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) is obliged to maintain blacklists of all individuals and legal entities that are outside the law of the Russian Federation. Payment agents and banking institutions will be informed about the data available in the black lists, so that Russians won’t be able to transfer money to the blacklisted people or companies.

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