Russia to eliminate bookmaker self-regulatory organizations

Betting Business Russia reported that the Ministry of Economic Development plans to abolish the Russia’s three SROs, self-regulatory organizations (SROs) that represent licensed bookmakers’ interests. The government considers that these organizations are duplicating functions of the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

The First SRO of Russian Bookmakers and the Bookmakers SRO were established a few years ago. They primarily help prepare the ground for Russia’s licensed online sports betting regime. The SROs each run centralized online payment hubs, known as TSUPIS, which is obligatory for all betting payments and allows the government to monitor all online activity.

In September Russian Parliament has adopted in the first reading the draft law aimed at simplifying the rules of gambler’s identification. According to the bill bookmakers will be able to accept online bets from players who have been identified in the center of online bets control. The draft law provides for the center to simplify the identification of gambler. The bill also establishes standards for licensing control of bookmakers.


According to Nikolai Oganezov, chairman of a bookmaking subcommittee of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the abolishment of SROs may bring chaos to the legal bookmakers market.

Russia currently has 16 licensed online betting operators. Recently Betting Business Russia has published a ranking of online traffic for the most visited betting websites in Russia.


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