Russia to spend $300 million to fight the prohibited websites and services

Russia plans to launch a new, more advanced technology to block illegal websites, including online casinos and bookmakers. According to the news on BBC, Roskomnadzor will receive a funding of up to 20 billion rubles and plans to implement the technology in 2019.

The sources inform about DPI technology. Deep packet inspection is a type of data processing that inspects in detail the data being sent over a computer network, and usually takes action by blocking, re-routing, or logging it accordingly.

While deep packet inspection can be used for innocuous reasons such as making sure that data is in the correct format or checking for malicious code, it can also be used for more nefarious motives such as eavesdropping and censorship. An Internet service provider installs a hardware and software suite that analyzes all the traffic that passes and allocates specific packages that are specific to certain sites or applications.

DPI is fundamentally different from the current system used by Roskomnadzor. Now access to forbidden websites is blocked by IP-address, due to which the neutral resources suffer. For example, in the spring of 2018, fighting against the Telegram, Roskomnadzor blocked about 11 million IP-addresses. Some of them were used by online stores, logistics companies and mass media.

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