Russian bookmakers adapt to new legal regulations

In Russia, all legal betting points will start working under the new rules since September 30. According to new regulations, procedure of betting will be ammended and use of certain types of equipment will be limited.

Now  players can bet only on official sports events and those organized by a professional sports leagues or sports federations. Bookmakers will also accept bets on competitions organized by foreign sports federations, leagues, confederations and councils. The results of the competition must be shown on the official websites of their organizers.

Some Russian bookmakers stopped accepting bets for La Liga, Roland Garros and Champions League for two days on September 30. The issue is related to the end of year quarter and new legislation requiring bookmakers transfer 5% of income to sports organizations which sports events they accepted bets on. With this two-days measure bookmakers try to prevent any tax issues, which possibly can violate the new legislation.

Additionally, betting points are limited in the placement of gaming equipment, which looks like slot machines placed in land-based casinos. It should be noted that this includes different types of equipment: electronic, mechanical and any other. Also, bookies cannot not use software that performs the function of converting information about competitions into any visual images, including those used in slot machines and casinos.


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