Russian bookmakers lost $ 100 million in the World Cup final

The final match of the World Cup 2018 between France and Croatia resulted in a record loss for Russian bookmakers. This was announced by Maxim Afanasyev, Deputy General Director for Trading of Betting Company “Liga Stavok”, reports “The Rating of Bookmakers”.

“We recorded a record loss – 3.5 times more than during the Champions League final,” Afanasyev said. Most of the player’s bets were successful, including victory of France, the handicap (-1.5) for the French team, both teams will score, goals in both halves and other types of bets. According to Afanasyev, the loss of Russian bookmakers from just one final match is about $ 100 million.

Previously, Russian newspaper Komersant reported that football match between Croatia and Russia was one of the most profitable matches for local bookmakers. Betting company “Marathon” informed that the amount of bets was higher than the amount of payouts by 14%. Betting company “Pari-match” reported about 30%, and “Liga Stavok” about 41.9% .


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