Russian bookmakers spent $ 200 million on marketing in 2017

Timur Jumaniyazov, Winline’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, said that Russian bookmaking companies spent $ 200 million on marketing budget 2017. Winline is licensed Russian betting company founded in 2009.

“More than $ 200 million of the marketing budget was spent last year by betting companies. If you want to succeed – revise your marketing budget upwards,” Mr. Jumaniyazov said during his presentation “The Betting Market and the Sports Industry of Russia: Expectation and Reality ”.

According to the expert, the betting market during the World Cup 2018 has grown by 50%. Bookmakers invested the most into the world championship, while Winline betting company has become the third advertiser on TV during World Cup.

Earlier this year, Timur Jumaniyazov estimated that the total budget of all Russian bookmakers in 2018 will be approximately 10 billion rubles.


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