Russian bookmakers to earn 20 billion RUR during the World Cup 2018

The State Duma Committee for Physical Education, Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs, based on expert data, suggests that the total turnover of bets during the World Cup will be 300 billion rubles.

The bookmakers will earn at least 20 billion rubles in net profit, and accordingly the amount of taxes to the treasury will increase.

On the eve of the World Cup, many Russian bookmakers have expanded their networks to cope with the growing demand of people wishing to win via football matches forecasts.  According to the legislators, the amount of bets could have been even bigger if the Russian gaming business was protected from the pressure of the illegal sector, whose share, according to some experts, exceeds the legal one minimum by half.

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According to the law Russian players have to pay 13 percent tax themselves if the winning is less than 15 thousand rubles. For the bigger winnings the tax is paid by the bookmaker. All licensed bookmakers who have contracts with Russian sports federations are required to pay 5% of their profits or at least 15 million rubles quarterly.

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