Russian Casino Sochi brakes its own visits record

The number of the casino visitors reached 50 319 people in January, which is an absolute record since the opening of the resort.

According to the Department of Property Relations of Krasnodar Region, this casino has become the most popular gambling establishment in the region. The number of visitors to Sochi Casino exceeds the number of all casino visitors in the Azov-City gambling zone: casino Oracle has accepted 20,575 guests, Shambhala – 15 091, and Nirvana – 8627.

According to the results of January, 24 500 000 rubles were given away in the Sochi Casino, alongside with Nissan Qashqai and a Mercedes-Benz. The total amount of paid jackpots “Golden Mountains” was 12 230 052 rubles. The maximum jackpot was 2,842,611 rubles.

Sochi Casino was visited by 341 876 people from 122 countries in its first year of operation, and the total prize fund of all drawings exceeded 177 million rubles.

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