Serbia – BITCOIN AT THE BALKANS – did the crypts come to us?

Bitcoin – everyone is talking about him but nobody ever saw him. A virtual cryptocurrency led the world with the knowledge that one unit had reached the price of an incredible $ 10,000. and while Western Europe and America are vying for the production and possession of Bitcoin – we have come to the question of whether the crypt has come to us.

Though wrapped in the mystery of the mystery, the disadvantages for this circus was achieved by the vagueness of global proportions. In Hollywood, the trade and possession of Bitcoin became a hit and part of mainstream culture. While the world is booming about the new value of the Balkans, the Balkans quietly joins this trend.

In 2014, Dubrovnik, Lucija Neil, the owner of the apartment in the settlement Sustjepan, allowed, among the first, the use of Bitcoin when paying. In addition, if you use this currency, you will receive a 10% discount on all their services. This news spread through the world and the media were more than interested to see how things would continue.

Lucija joined the Croatian web portali, which deals with the trade of web domains, as well as the portal, which has the function of a guide in the online casino world.

The first school in the Balkans, which instead of the traditional currency allowed payment of scholarship to the Bitocins, is the E-Gymnasium from Novi Sad. The school uses the intensive application of information technology knowledge and uses this currency for the fourth year in a row.

Given that the oscillation of the value of one Bitcoin on the stock exchange is high and the oscillations are regular, entrepreneurs who allowed the use of this currency three or four years ago now really have reason to celebrate, as this week the currency has reached a growth of 2000% in comparison to the value it had 3-4 years ago.

Bitcoin does not depend on the state, the anonymity is bought and traded by it. Everyone can dispose of these funds in an easy and simple way. Currency is easy to trade, but it’s pretty hard to make money.

It needs to be patient and keep the currency until the stock market grows.

We are pleased that the Balkans keep pace with the world, and the currency will surely surprise us many more times.

Source: Crbin.Info

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