Serbia – Should the gambling offices be separated from the schools and from the populated areas?

We are witnessing the massive distribution of gaming facilities, with the last time they can be recorded in each country, starting from the jigsaw puzzles, to the casino. These objects, besides destroying the nation, are especially dangerous for young children because they create addiction.

Primarily, the gamers of happiness are allowed in Macedonia, and as such they are regulated by a special law. According to Article 17 of this Law, the license for organizing such games is issued by the Government. From 2009 to 2015 in Macedonia, the Ministry of Finance licensed six casinos with 16 affiliates and a record 59 salons with poker machines. ”

However, although legal, so-called. gambling, or gambling, by citizens are assessed as unethical, as harmful to the general interest of the general public. Citizens emphasize the need to take measures for their organisation, or to reduce the number of existing casinos.

On the social networks, there are often initiatives against the emergence of a new gambling site. Many people are bothered by the fact that the state allows these casinos to work in the central city districts and demand their dislocation on the periphery, far from the populated places.

“This phenomenon is very harmful. The state must prevent their spread and dislocate from the populated places, it should pass a special law for the games of chance and be applied, because, according to the existing law, minors can not bring them back, but we can testify to the contrary ” , says Pedagogue Mustafa.

The university professor, Mr. Lokman Hebibi, also spoke for this question.

“Their effect is still negligible since they are concentrated close to the educational centers, i.e. they attract the attention of the new generations, and my opinion is that measures should be taken for the dislocation of the casino and other facilities for games of chance extended by the educational centers, regardless of whether they are close to the primary, secondary schools or, to the faculty. Without prejudice to these casinos or billboards, it should be taken into consideration that the negative effects on the new generations are far greater than their profits, “says Hebibi.


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