She suspended her writing career. She made more money from poker

Maria Konnikova was to write a book about how to achieve success in life by using poker tricks. But when she learned poker, she began to achieve such successes that for now the book will not be written.

Konnikova, 34, is an American writer of Russian-Jewish descent, columnist for New Yorker and former journalist of Scientific American. She writes guides in which she shows people how to open the mind and better understand the world, giving readers solutions from pop culture.

In “Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes”, her first book, she took the thinking of the famous detective in the workshop, in the second – “The Confidence Game”- her inspiration were street tricksters. Both books entered the New York Times bestseller list and won several awards and nominations.

Until recently, she has been preparing another guide – this time the advice was to be based on poker solutions. To collect materials for the book, she began to learn the game and compete in tournaments. Unexpectedly she succeeded a lot – during the year she earned $200,000.

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