Amount of taxes paid by gamblers in Belarus announced

In 2017 the budget of Belarus received 33.3 million rubles (14 million EURO) as income tax from casino winnings. This was announced at the press conference by Larisa Shibko, the head of the main control department for the sale of goods and services of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

“Income tax on winnings is collected in Belarus from 2016. At the end of 2017, the budget received 33.3 million rubles of this tax. The amount of tax on gambling paid by the operators amounted to 44.8 million rubles. The amount of payments is quite high and dynamics is stable”, Larisa Shibko specified.

According to the expert, as of July 1, 106 companies engaged in the gambling business were registered in Belarus, 86 of them are operating.

According to Vladimir Muqvich, Deputy Minister for Taxes and Duties, in general, the share of tax revenues from gambling industry is small – about 0.2% of all types of taxes paid.

According to the law, only Belarusian companies are allowed to carry out gambling activities. However, this does not prevent foreign investors from registering companies in Belarus and entering the market. In particular, companies with Russian and Turkish investors are engaged in the gambling business in the country.


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