The global capital of gambling is threatened by paralysis

Visitors to Las Vegas casinos will be able to witness the first employee strike in three decades. Tens of thousands of people can participate in it. Members of the casino workers’ union have just approved the strike, which may paralyze the world’s gambling capital, the Associated Press reports.

About 25,000 union members, Culinary Union, working in 34 casinos in Las Vegas voted on this matter on Tuesday, showing the strength of this largest employee organization in Nevada – AP writes. The strike can start at any time from June 1st.

The last time association voted in favor of a strike was in 2002, but then an agreement had been reached before the workers went out on the streets. The last strike was carried out in 1984. It lasted 67 days and cost the city USD 75 million. Employees who lost their salaries during this time lost a similar amount – AP reminds.

The following strike is for bartenders, chefs and porters to take part in. It would hit the most casinos like Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Bellagio or MGM Grand.

The strike could also cause trouble to the fans of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team, which will play in the Stanley Cup final at the beginning of June, notes the Associated Press.

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