The global online gambling market is growing

According to research by the American Technavio group, online gambling in the United States can generate up to $ 4 billion in revenue by 2020. Jupiter Research estimates that in 2021, the sum of all online bets around the world will approach … 1 trillion dollars. In comparison to these sums, the Polish online gambling segment looks modest, but the outlook is bright.

According to Technavio, the world’s largest online gambling market is China, before Great Britain, Australia, France and Italy. At least one form of online gambling has already legalized over 80 countries around the world. There are many honest and 100% professional online casinos on the web (for example, Mansion Casino), but you can also find scammers. Security will be ensured by checking the licenses of individual companies. Casinos benefit from the jurisdiction of countries where online gambling is legal, which is why companies are most often registered in the United Kingdom, Malta, Cyprus or Gibraltar.

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In Poland, the breakthrough date for the gambling market, also online, was April 1st, 2017 – at that time the gambling act entered into force, which introduced a very rigid framework of action, among others for betting operators. From that moment, only bookmakers with a Ministry of Finance license can operate legally in Poland (websites of companies without MF licenses are sent to a special register, and then they are blocked – before you play, check whether the bookmaker has a license). Wider powers to organize gambling on the Internet have also been awarded to Totalizator Sportowy.

Bona fide bookmakers with a concession from the Ministry of Finance on organizing online bets are also becoming more and more bold on the Polish market. According to expert estimates, revenues of the entire segment in Poland increased by 100%, to the level of approximately PLN 3.3 billion. The prospects for the next years are also positive.

„Everything seems to indicate that 2018 will be definitely better for the bookmaking industry than the previous one, but only for bookmakers who operate legally in Poland. So far, 90% of the total bookmaker’s market, estimated at about PLN 5 billion, has been traveling to companies operating illegally. At the time of the change of regulations and the preparation of gigantic penalties by legislators, the majority of illegal players decided to withdraw from Poland. This means that legally operating entities that pay taxes in Poland are promoted.”

– said Piotr Glinkowski, a board member of the Arskom Group. Everything indicates that budget revenues from bookmakers and sports betting in 2018 will be record-breaking, also due to the World Football Cup in Russia.

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