The next E-PLAY Magazine is already online

Dear readers, this time to keep a stable publishing rhythm, we show the next issue of E-PLAY Magazine no. 9/2018 in the online version.

This time, the greater part of the material is focused on bookmakers’ activities, which are finally developing the fastest in Poland. However, there are also other interesting texts describing, for example, gambling activities in Russia and Armenia. You can find out more about how the casino functions from the inside - the dealer’s confession.The analysis of the preparation for the introduction of the Polish online casino by Playtech for Totalizator Sportowy is also an interesting read. That is - as usual, something interesting for everyone.

The main topics discussed in this edition of the magazine are:

  • Ambassadors in the world of bookmakers
  • Career is waiting in sports betting
  • Polish online casino
  • Casino, how it looks from the inside - the dealer’s confession
  • Integrated management systems of machines networks
  • Casinos bet on technology
  • Risky bets in Russia
  • Interview with Adrian Furmańczyk
  • Where to bet on esport?
  • Gambling business in Armenia
  • To Nigeria …
  • Pinball Machines - the future of Italian gambling
  • Infatuated in gambling
  • The king had two kings

We invite our readers to read, the magazine is available HERE

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