The next issue of E-PLAY Magazine 8/2018 is now available online

We are handing over to our readers the next issue of the E-PLAY Magazine. Although it’s the silly season and most readers are still on vacation, we are not idle, working in the sweat of the journalistic forehead to deliver new content.

In this issue we have many interesting studies and analyzes. Mainly, we focus on the bookmaking and its ratings, but there are also new topics and reminiscences of historical gambling events.

The main topics discussed in this issue are:

  • Record bookmakers’ expenses
  • The effectiveness of the monopoly in gambling
  • The dealer’s confession – the casino from the inside
  • Promatic at the fair in Africa
  • Piracy in online games
  • Dead law
  • Ranking of 12 strategic games
  • Italian “dignity decree” and advertisement of bookmakers
  • Wanted Satoshi Namamoto – creator of bitcoin
  • Cards on the table
  • Management studies on the market of games of chance and sports betting
  • Interview with its organizers
  • The law – is to return of machines possible now
  • The history of Black Jack

and other equally interesting topics that are worth exploring when reading the E-PLAY magazine from cover to cover.

It’s what we wish personally to our readers, that is interesting reading of the E-PLAY 8/2018 magazine.

E-PLAY Editorial Team

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