The President of Wisła Kraków, Marzena Sarapata, breaks the silence

The president of Wisła Kraków, Marzena Sarapata, gave the first interview since the broadcast of report on the club in the “Superwizjer” program. – I was blackmailed – she admitted and announced lawsuits.

In mid-September, a coverage by Szymon Jadczak had been aired in the program “Superwizjer”, which showed that hooligans play the first fiddle in Wisła Kraków. Szymon Jadczak in his material published evidence that everything is run by the “Sharks” group, headed by Paweł M. alias “Misiek”. In the coverage the group was presented as extremely brutal.

After the broadcast, the authorities of the Wisła club only issued a statement in which they announced legal actions against the author of the coverage. Marzena Sarapata did not take the vote, and the Cracow journalists announced a boycott. It was only four weeks later that the president of Wisła gave her the first interview in which she referred to the situation at the club. She told about it on the portal laczynaspasja.pl, belonging to the sponsor of Wisła – bookmaker company LvBet.

Marzena Sarapata Wisła Kraków

I made a decision about this and not another way out of the crisis. I am saucy, sometimes malicious, so in such a “hot” moment I do not know if our spokesperson would not force me out of some live program

– Sarapata explained and refuted the allegations placed in the Szymon Jadczak coverage.

The president admitted that now she would not take several decisions that she had previously accepted. However, she categorically rejected the accusations that the club is ruled by Paweł M. known as “Misiek”.

    “Does ‘Misiek’ have authority? There is none. I have spoken this loudly and clearly many times, including at a press conference in January this year, and therefore I have repeatedly referred to this allegation. He is not a member of the board, he is not in the audit committee or supervisory board, he has not worked in any department of the club, even at the ticket office”

Sarapata said.

The coverage was of course suppose to shock, and it did. It did a great harm to Wisła. If the program remained at the level of conjecture or suggesting certain things, then it would be difficult to refute the allegations, because they would not appear. However, if there are content in this material built on something that did not take place, it is easier to relate to it – she added.

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