Tom Edmonds will join the AML/Responsible Gambling discussion at PGS 2018

The most important boutique style gaming conference in Prague is going to welcome leading experts of the online gambling industry on the 29th of March at Andel’s by Vienna House Prague. The second edition of Prague Gaming Summit is gathering new and old faces of the industry in order to highlight the trending topics for the attending delegates.

A packed speaker lineup and important discussions are announced which will be held during the already popular panel discussions the organizer is known for.

More and more countries are looking towards tightening the rules and implementing harsher Responsible Gambling programs in the industry that affect operators, software providers and affiliates. Many have stated that the year 2017 and 2018 are the years in which the Next Phase in Responsible Gambling is going to be implemented.

This is why the organizing team at European Gaming Media and Events has invited the top names of the industry to speak about AML and Responsible Gambling in a dedicated panel which is titled “Responsible Gambling, AML and Gambling Licensing Procedures in the European Union”

The panel is going to be moderated by Pieter Remmers (Assissa) and will be joined by the already announced speakers Martin Arendts (ARENDTS ANWÄLTE), Alex Henderson (The Ritz Hotel Casino London) and Dan Iliovici (Romanian National Gambling Office – ONJN).

Tom Edmonds (Harris Hagan) is the final expert who will join the panel as a speaker. When asked to characterize his particular interest of the area in the industry where sports and gambling meet, Tom replied the following:

“There has been a significant tightening of the rules regarding advertising of gambling, including those adverts shown around televised sporting events. At the time of writing (mid-February 2018), the advertising regulator in Great Britain has just issued wide ranging new guidance that is intended to have a substantial impact on the content (and tone) of such adverts. Adverts will have to change but we wait to see how significantly operators will change their adverts and what action is taken against non-compliant operators.”

You can read the full interview here….

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