Top 7 experts at RGW: who are they?

Russian Gaming Week is the largest exhibition and forum in the CIS dedicated to the field of gambling and betting, held in Moscow on June 6 and 7. The event will gather gambling business operators, lawyers, and lawmakers that will unveil the main aspects of the work in the industry.

Leading gambling experts will reveal gambling legal aspects, talk about traffic arbitrage in the iGaming, share secrets of player retention, and explain how to ensure data privacy. The major 7 speakers of the conference are:

Mariya Lepshikova, legal counsel and owner of PL, LLC. Maria’s presentation is about legal developments in betting, law enforcement practice. She has been engaged in the gambling industry over 15 years, providing legal support for gambling businesses.

Valeriy Petrov, Vice President at Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB). Valeriy will explain how technologies digitalize the gambling industry. The expert will focus on such trends as Big Data, AI, blockchain, IoT, VR, and robotics.

Peter Barinov, CEO at Jet Velvet. Peter will speak about millennials attraction to land-based casinos. The speaker will compare the operation of land-based gambling clubs and online casinos, analyze the role of social media and thought leaders in the industry, as well as present a fresh perspective of gambling venue interiors.

Mikhail Danshin, Marketing and sales at He will speak on the topic: Betting Insider: a betting network as a bookmaker complementary product. The expert will unveil reasons why the majority of beginning players lose on bets.

Denis Khamin, Chief Marketing Officer at Allcorrect. The company offers gambling platform localization services: it finds profitable markets and adapt games of chance for the target audience.

Roman Bout, CEO and founder at Quints. The specialist will examine the concept of affiliate marketing, compare the efficiency of affiliates and casinos’ advertising campaigns, as well as recommend how to allure players properly.

Saulius Pikturna, Attorney and Data Protection Officer at BetgamesTV. The expert will describe the existing requirements for confidentiality of customer personal data while working with EU partners. He will assess GDPR’s impact on gambling business and clarify the rules for processing and storing player information.

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