Ukraine - Kyiv city council plans a special gambling zone in Kyiv

Kiev City Council will appeal to the Verkhovna Rada to obtain permission to create a special gambling zone. This was told by the deputy of the Kyiv city council Alexander Pabat.

He initiated consideration of this issue at the session of the City Council on February 22.
The deputy explained his initiative by the fact that the ban on gambling decreased revenues to state and local budgets, and the industry itself had gone into the shadows.

In order to circumvent legislative prohibitions, gambling was retrained into Internet clubs, lotteries and other forms, according to Ukrainian News. The deputy said that in 2016-2017 in Kiev, the work of 2,000 illegal gambling establishments was terminated. A lot of such “clubs” continue its operation today.

However, the voting on February 26 failed to collect the necessary number of votes to pass the Kyiv city council proposal to Ukrainian parliament. Thus, the issue remains unsolved.

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