Ukraine’s new bill on legalization of gambling passes first reading

Today (January 16)  Ukrainian Parliament supported on first reading the bill No. 2285-d on the legalization of gambling in Ukraine. The version of the bill was approved as a basis for further readings. The bill regulates the activity of casinos, betting companies (including online), lotteries and poker.

The possibility of placing slot machine halls and betting shops in separate buildings was excluded from the previous version of the bill. Now, gaming machines are allowed to be placed exclusively in hotels (three, four, five stars). The area of ​​such institutions should be at least 500 square meters. Special requirements are established for the compliance of gambling equipment used for gambling with generally accepted international standards. As well as limiting the number of slot machines – up to 40 thousand.

The law provides for an increase in the player’s age from 18 to 21 years, and also sets requirements for players and their identification and strict financial sanctions for failure to comply with such requirements.


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