Ukraine - Bookmakers hosted bids on Poroshenko’s speech on New Year’s Eve

The gambling industry has advanced as far as possible and has reached the point that bookmakers even accept bets on the New Year’s congratulations of the presidents.

This time, Peter Poroshenko was “honored” with such honour. And the line for his pre-New Year’s speech was published by none other than the domestic bookmaker - National lottery “Favorit Sport”. It turned out funny and unpredictable enough.

The favourite took bets on seemingly obvious events - Peter Poroshenko had to mention the successful Eurovision and visa-free regime, but neither that nor that happened. It should be noted that all this was mentioned in the video, which foreshadowed the speech of the President of Ukraine.

Would not play any of the rates on the phrase Poroshenko about improvement, about the deterioration, or about the hard year 2017. The official as a whole demonstrated eloquence and oratorical abilities, pronouncing a talented and original speech. And only one outcome would pass for sure - the length of the statement.

The president’s speech lasted more than three minutes. To put on it it was possible with a scanty indicator - 1.50.

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