Ukraine - CPS Ltd to challenge change of shareholder in UNL

Cypriot Pirsum Services Limited, the owner of the the Ukrainian National Lottery (UNL, Kyiv), will challenge a court ruling on the change of the shareholder in the company in favor of Swiss citizen Peter Shetty, UNL CEO Andriy Bochkovsky said at a briefing on Thursday 7.12.2017.

He said that since November 18, the new owner of the company has been Swiss citizen Peter Shetty under a court ruling of the Koroliovsky district court of Zhytomyr of November 10, 2015.

“We send an address to the president and prosecutor general of Ukraine on the unlawful change of the shareholder under the illegal court ruling and we ask to interfere into the situation,” he said.

Bochkovsky said that the case was heard in the short terms – from November 4 to November 10. No defender in the case arrived to the hearings. The judge violated territorial jurisdiction.

“UNL faced the illegal seizure, and the company with the charter capital of over UAH 200 million was sent to ownership of a third party and I have never heard of him till now,” Bochkovsky said.

Pirsum Services Limited asks authorities to open a criminal case against the judge and take the investigation under control. UNL said that its charter capital now is UAH 268.7 million.

The press office of Shetty told Interfax-Ukraine told Interfax-Ukraine that he is the ultimate beneficiary of the company, although the owner of the company became a straw party using the false excuse and Shetty was unlawfully removed from the state register as the owner of the company.

According to the state register of companies, since late 2014 the owner of the company was Hungary’s UNL Holding LLC (Budapest) and its ultimate owner is Ukrainian citizen Serhiy Pindych. Since October 2015, the owner was Pirsum Services Limited.

Source: Interfax Ukraine

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