Ukraine: experts analysed risks of the new bill on gambling

During the press conference, the former state assignees of the AMCU Agia Zagrebelskaya and journalist of the Nashi Groshi publication Yuri Nikolov analyzed the bill on gambling business. According to Yuri Nikolov, it seems that the government’s bill on gambling was written by certain business groups, and bookmakers particularly.

“The bill provides that slot machines should go to hotels. It’s super, actually. Yes, of course, there will be questions – what can be called a hotel? In any case, there are less hotels in Kyiv than slot machine halls today. Limiting gambling to hotels only is a good in principle, but bookmakers are officially allowed to create 320 bet points in Kyiv. That is, bookmakers are allowed to get minimum 300 points. I try to just understand how we are going to remove gambling from streets? And I don’t see “, Nikolov noted.

He emphasized that there is no fundamental difference between a lottery machine, a slot machine or a betting terminals.

#ачотамвпресцентріглавкома 15 жовтня 2019 в прес-центрі Главкому прес-конференція на тему: «Проект закону щодо державного регулювання грального бізнесу. Ризики та системні помилки» Учасники: Агія Загребельська, колишня державна уповноважена Антимонопольного Комітету України; Юрій Ніколов, журналіст видання «Наші Гроші». Учасники заходу проаналізують законопроект щодо регулювання грального бізнесу, яка доля чекатиме на точки ігрових автоматів, маскування ігрових автоматів під букмекерство та лотереї, в яку суму оцінюється нелегальний ринок і що може посприяти легалізації, питання створення Комісії з розвитку та регулювання азартних ігор.

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As Agia Zagrebelskaya added, today slot machines that can mimic betting terminals.

“The danger is casinos and slot machines. Everything else: lottery and betting is absolutely normal gambling. But what we mean by bookmakers. Bookmaking is betting on sports. If we talk about betting on virtual events, in my opinion, this has little to do with bookmaking. What is the problem today? I’m saying this to everyone that if such a model is introduced by the state now, it will allow casino gambling masked as a betting activity”, she noted.

It is also worth noting, that the new bill provides of two types of license payment for the operators. The first one is the cost of the gambling license itself. The second type of payment will depend on the quantity of gambling equipment installed in a casino.


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