Ukraine – Kyiv Weather Betting launched

Bookmakers started to accept bets on weather in Kyiv. Anyone can make a forecast of the temperature in the capital of Ukraine at 2PM and make a bet on it at Pari-Match’s website.

Thus, it is possible to make a bet depending on weather the temperature is going to be lower or higher than 4.5 degrees Celsium. The odds start from 1,8 to 1,9 so it is possible almost to double your bet.

The results will be based on data published on official website of Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, which guarantees there will be no manipulation because of different forecasts by different providers.
Weather betting on temperatures, rain, snow and storms are quite popular. One of the most common bets are wagers on the highest or the lowest temperature. For example, Betfair had a high temperature wager this last summer.

Pari-Match is one of the most popular online bookmakers in Ukraine. The company was founded in Kiev in 1995, but eventually had to change location due to the gambling ban in Ukraine. The company is official sponsor of some football and basketball tournaments in Ukraine.

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