Ukraine loses up to 188 million euro annually in taxes on lotteries

According to the calculations of the experts of the Ukrainian lottery operator “MSL”, the lottery market could have reached the level of 5-6 billion UAH in taxes annually since 2016, but this did not happen due to the actions of Ukrainian officials.

This was stated by the president of “MSL” Georgiy Lozhenko on the TV channel EspressoTV, reports the site of the company. According to Georgiy Lozhenko, since 2014, the destruction and artificial redistribution of the lottery market has begun, and each successive finance minister has successfully continued this destruction. Thus, officials have created conditions for the appearance of illegal lotteries by their actions, which also led to losses for the state budget.

“If people organize some games, even in the “shadow”, that means they were given the opportunity to work illegally. Someone in the government wanted to redistribute the market”,  Lozhenko said.

According to the expert, one of the tools to create the “shadow” lottery market was a change in tax legislation. According to Ukrainian laws, every player should pay a tax regardless of the size of the winnings.

“It is necessary to measure how much money was received from the players, how much the operator received after paying out the winnings, how much he paid in taxes, how much he spent on social and humanitarian projects, but nobody wants to use such a system,” Lozhenko added.


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