Ukraine lost $ 2 billion in five years because of the gambling ban

Ukrainian budget could have received $ 2 billion in taxes over the past five years if the ban on gambling was canceled. This information was announced by the founder of the DCH Alexander Yaroslavsky who spoke at the international economic forum in Kharkiv.

“Once, the government that organized Euro 2012, agreed that there will be a casino in the hotel I built. I recall: it was 6 years ago, and it is the fifth forum already. Let’s adopt the law on gambling. I personally do not like going to the casino, I do not have the time and desire for that, but since gambling industry exists in other countries, why do we give this money to corrupt people here. Ukrainian budget has lost about $ 2 billion over 5 years I mentioned. Just compare two sums: we can not find 120 million dollars for the construction of the takeoff strip in Dnipro but $ 2 billion just disappeared in the pockets of corrupt officials,” Yaroslavsky said.

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky is a Ukrainian businessman and one of the most influential people in the country. Yaroslavsky is the president of Development Construction Holding (DCH). He was formerly co-owner of UkrSibbank. In 2016, he was ranked by Forbes as the tenth richest person in Ukraine.




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