Ukraine - Minister in favour of funding sports through lottery

The Minister of Youth and Sports said that lottery business would be a good source of revenue to fund sports in the country.

Ihor Zhdanov, Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, revealed that he is in favour of financing sports through lottery business. While he expressed his desire during a government press conference, he said that the decision depends on whether parliament decides to adopt the law.

“I’m just for the sport to receive additional funding from the lottery, which was transferred to a special fund in support of our team,”

said Zhdanov in the Verkhovna Rada on Friday. The official said that the decision on financing the lottery doesn’t depend on the government, but on the parliament, which needs to adopt the law.

Zhdanov is one of the politicians that advocate for profitable state-owned companies of national sports teams as official sponsors, local media reported.

Ukraine has been trying to legalise its gambling industry for quite some time, with multiple officials announcing their intentions to boost the local economy and generate revenue through lotteries.

Source: focusgn

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