Ukraine to check payment terminals over gambling transactions

The National Bank of Ukraine initiated additional verification of self-service payment terminals because of transactions associated with online casinos.  According to UBR, with reference to the telegram of the National Bank, the measure has been triggered by the fixation of a large number of suspicious financial operations.

According to the news, during the recent audits, national bankers were able to fully trace the passage of money beginning with the moment a person puts a banknote into the payment terminal and ending with the account of the recipient company in the intermediary bank and even further, up to the final recipient. The money is usually used to pay for gambling activities and is sent to the personal credit cards, issued by different banks, which were later used to pay for goods and services, including online games, online casinos, and bookmakers.

Some accounts belonged to companies. The recipients actually carried out the bundling of collected payments by creating chains of interconnected financial transactions, during which the directions and the nature of the use of these funds changed.


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