Ukraine – Ukrainian Lottery Market Data Released

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) presented the results of a study of the situation on the lottery market Ukraine. According to AMCU representative, 2013 was the most profitable year for Ukrainian lottery operators.

The state budget received 30 million euros taxes then. This is five times more than in 2009 and one hundred and fifty times more than in 2015.

In 2014, revenues from lotteries dropped to 20 million euros, in 2015 – up to 200 thousand euros in total.
At the same time, according to experts, 2017 was the worst year for lotteries market due to poor regulatory and tax policies introduced by the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Office.

In general, experts have named five main problems of the legal Ukrainian lottery market:
• three-fold taxation;
• Discriminatory sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council applied to all operators of lotteries, except for “UNL” (Ukrainian national lottery), rumored to have links to the authorities;
• a new draft licensing conditions from the Ministry of Finance, which provides for the monopoly position of “UNL” in the market;
• lack of control by the state in the lottery market, and as a result, the boost of illegal gambling establishments;
• ignoring the proposals of the World Lottery Association for the introduction of certified software for all types of lotteries.

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