Ukraine – Ukrainian police closed 8 illegal online casinos operated by Russians

Ukrainian Cyber Police (special police department fighting cyber crimes) conducted a large-scale operation with searches in 15 Ukrainian companies. This was reported by the press service of the department. As a result, 8 online casinos were closed. According to police officers, 12 former citizens of the Russian Federation were the organizers of the online casinos.

As a result of the operation, access to the following websites was terminated:

The listed online casinos were designed for visitors from the CIS countries. Now, when you try to access them from the Ukrainian IP, the visitor is informed that “this service is not available in your region, please contact the site’s support”. Casino support service offered users numerous solutions to access the websites, including programs for changing visitor’s IP. Payments and payouts were made through Russian banks and payment systems.

In the course of the preliminary investigation, Cyber Police has found out that in 2010-2012 a group of Russian citizens organized an online gambling business in Russia. However, after the group attracted attention of Russian Police they fled to Ukraine and continued illegal operation. Some of them even managed to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

Police established the location of the offices of the illegal casino operators. There were about 80 employees including IT professionals, online game developers, web designers, game web site administrators, support representatives, accountants and other personnel.

As a result of the searches, Cyberpolice seized more than a hundred pieces of computer equipment, mobile phones, additional storage media, bank cards, Russian passports of the criminal group members, official and “shadow” documentation, weapons, drugs and cash.

At the moment, two participants of the criminal group have been accused of organizing and operating online casinos. Police asked Kyiv District Court to set a 1 million hryvnia bail.


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