Ukraine updated the register of state lotteries

The Ministry of Finance has updated the Unified Register of state lotteries issued in Ukraine. The new data in the register is dated September 13.

It is reported that the register includes 188 lotteries. All lotteries belong to three companies: UNL, MSL and PATRIOT

124 lotteries are operated by LLC “MSL” (the latest lottery was registered on August 31). 34 lotteries belong to PJSC “Patriot” (the latest registered lottery will be launched from February 1, 2019). The smallest amount of lotteries – 30 lotteries – are operated by “Ukrainian National Lottery” (UNL). 4 new lotteries have been launched by UNL beginning with September 15.

There are three lottery operators in Ukraine: UNL, MSL and PATRIOT. UNL has gained the largest market share after Ukrainian government has imposed sanctions on MSL and Patriot.

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