Ukraine’s bill on gambling: how much do gambling licenses cost

Money from licensing will be directed to the development of sports, culture and medicine. The document provides for the establishment of an appropriate Fund. The fund’s money will go to the development of medical care, increasing the salaries of health workers, creating hospitals of various profiles; support of sports, promotion of a healthy lifestyle; construction of new museums, libraries, theaters and so on.

The cost of the license will be determined via electronic auctions. Starting prices will differ for different types of gambling.

Licenses for casinos will cost from 18700 living wages for Kyiv (about 1,5 million USD) and from 12400 for other cities (about 1 million USD).

Online casinos and betting operators will have to pay 12400 living wages for this type of license (about 1 million USD).

License to operate slot machines will cost 3750 living wages, which is about 300 thousand USD. One living wage in Ukraine is set by the Ministry of Finance. Beginning from 2020 it will equal 2027 UAH

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