Ukraine’s bill on gambling to be considered by the Parliament in early December

According to the Parliament speaker Razumkov, the profile committee should determine the most appropriate bill out of 7 draft laws submitted earlier. Dmitry Razumkov said that the parliament may consider the bills on gambling during the next plenary week.

According to a UNIAN correspondent, he announced this during a briefing in the Dnipro. “Today, if I’m not mistaken, there are 7 bills related to the gambling business. They are now being processed by a committee. And I hope that next plenary week (December 3-6) or this year, at least, we will begin to consider these bills in the first reading, “said Razumkov.

He added that as far as he knows, today there is no decision of the relevant committee on this issue. “The committee will determine the bill that is the most appropriate, high-quality for the implementation. And after that, the Verkhovna Rada will already make a decision. I think it will be next week nevertheless,” Razumkov said.

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