Ukraine’s bill on gambling: who’s allowed to play

People over 18 years will be allowed to gamble. The draft law stipulates that players must be all citizens of the appropriate age, except for “incapable and partially capable persons”, as well as those who have restrictions in accordance with the law.

For the first visit to gambling establishments, a person needs to provide the original passport (or other identification document), as well as a copy of the TIN. After this, the institution must create a special player card, which will be used for further verification. It should contain the person’s name and surname, age or date of birth, as well as a unique number or barcode for reading information.

The bill prescribes a procedure by which a person can independently prohibit its own visits to gambling establishments for a period of six months to three years by submitting an application to a specific company or to the Commission for the Development and Regulation of Gambling.

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