Ukraine’s Cyberpolice has closed online casino developer

The cyber police of Ukraine reported about closing a company that earned money by creating a turnkey online casinos. It is reported that the minimum package of services for this company costs $ 20,000. According to AIN.UA, this company may be Soft2bet.

The cyber police established that the members of the criminal group had created a company, allegedly for the development of web resources and online games in Ukraine. In fact, they provided services for the creation, technical support and customer service of online casinos.

Customers paid $ 20,000 and received online casino with the constant support. For additional $ 100,000, the company provided online marketing to promote the casino and attract new users. According to preliminary data, the company’s monthly income was over $ 500,000.

More than 20 online casinos have been installed, developed and administrated by the company. All these casinos are now blocked. The user base of their web resources consisted of about 500,000 people.

Law enforcement officers searched the office of the developer company, seized computer equipment, mobile phones, draft documents and money for examination.

According to the law, until the investigation is completed, law enforcement officers cannot disclose the names and names of legal entities under suspect. Therefore, the release does not say what kind of company it is. It is only known that the office is located in Kiev. The company staff consisted of over 80 IT specialists.

Also, the press service of the Cyberpolice published photos from the company’s office. Judging by the photo, it is most likely Soft2bet. The company positions itself as a European IT company in the field of online entertainment, develops turnkey online casinos on its own engine. Soft2bet portfolio includes 7 Stars Partners (7SP) affiliate program, Malina Casino online casino, YoYo Casino and Buran Casino and others.

Soft2bet offices are located in Bulgaria, Serbia, Portugal, as well as Cyprus and Malta. The company has employees in Kyiv (they can be found on LinkedIn), but Kyiv office is not mentioned on the Soft2bet website.

Nevertheless, it exists and is located in Stend business center in Kyiv. The company actively hires employees  in Kyiv. As of today, the company has 13 vacancies published on local job search website.

Andriey Nabukhotnyi

Former editor-in-chief of Ukrainian specialized magazine catalogue Entertainment Industry. Andriey is E-Play's observer of Eastern European gambling market.

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