Ukrainian bill on gambling business to be amended further after fresh legal advice

Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy of the Ukrainian parliament returned for amendments all 8 versions of the bill on gambling business. Thus, all these draft laws need to be resubmitted after revision.

Previously it was reported that Verkhovna Rada may consider a revised bill on the legalization of gambling #2285 in the first reading on December 17. According to David Arahamia, the chairman of the Servant of the People Party, the new version of the bill has been prepared by several groups of MPs and needs the Finance Committee approval before voting.

The authors of the bill suggest opening casinos exclusively in five-star hotels and reduce the number of slot machines. David Arahamia added that there are currently approximately 8,000 gaming halls and 160,000 gaming machines in Ukraine. This business illegal: 95% black and 5% gray. The new version of the bill could reduce the number of gaming halls tenfold and the number of slot machines – four times.


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