Ukrainian court ordered to block Favbet’s sites

Local court ordered all Internet providers in Ukraine to block access to 86 domains used by the Favbet / Favorite Sport bookmaker.

The court decided to arrest the intellectual property rights related to Favbet / Favorite Sport web resources. The police asked for the arrest of the websites in a criminal case opened in January 2016. Earlier the investigation had already twice requested to block access to the Favbet / Favorite Sport domains, but the court refused both times.

This time the court approved the request. The arrest was placed on 86 resources, including both the subdomains and, as well as favbet sites. by, favbet. eu, favbet. hr, favbet. ro and others.

However, as of February 6, all Favbet’s sites are still accessible. Moreover, the websites display a new banner leading to, which was not mentioned by the court decision.


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