Ukrainian MPs shout support for legalization of gambling

Illegal gambling business flourishes in Ukraine hiding behind the signs of “national lotteries”.  Journalists of local UNN publication interviewed the Members of Ukrainian Parliament to get to know what they think about gambling in Ukraine.

More than 90% of interviewed MPs think that work of police is unsatisfactory. Some members of the parliament say police can but does not want to fight illegal gambling.

“I am convinced that the police protect those illegal institutions,” explains Mikhail Skoryk, People’s Deputy from the Opposition Party.

“Without the law enforcement agencies, such a semi-legal business would have never happened, they always find the opportunity to support it and have something to do with it, therefore, they are not struggling,” supports Vasiliy Amelchenko, the People’s Deputy from the RPU Party.

The Parliament Members has not yet decided to react to the inactivity of the police. But they admit that the situation can be changed by the legalization of gambling.

“I am a passionate supporter of the adoption of the law on gambling business,” said Anton Herashchenko, a deputy of the People’s Front.

Moreover, almost all of the polled MPs are convinced the problem of illegal gambling operating under the signs of lotteries needs a solution. Since, legal business can sponsor education, health care and sports.

“Funds from the national lottery must go to a special fund aimed at building sports facilities, raising the level of health,  and promoting development of sports,” – said MP Ivan Krulko, member of Batkivschyna Party.

“We have so many areas where you can spend these funds, for example, for treating patients with oncology,” adds Vadim Podbereznyak, People’s Deputy of the People’s Front Parliament group.

Source: UNN

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