UNL denies any relations to Kosmolot online casino

Ukrainian lottery operator UNL denies that it has any links to the Kosmolot online casino. This was announced at a press conference by the general director of UNL Andriy Bochkovsky, UNN reports.

“There is a lottery“ Cosmolot ”, which is our product. Perhaps, there are also illegal websites with the same name. We appealed to the police, there are criminal proceedings,” UNL’s head said at a press conference.

It is worth mentioning that Kosmolot online casino has been heavily advertised in Ukraine recently. The website was positioned as the first legal online casino in Ukraine and used UNL’s “Cosmolot» brandname in its domain (kosmо The domain of the online casino was very similar to official UNL’s website с

According to Andriy Bochkovsky, UNL owns с, which is not a casino, but an online lottery website. The same information is also listed on the official website. He also added that UNL has nothing to do with the Kosmolot casino.

However, the journalist report the online casino website now redirects to official UNL’s domain. It is unknown why the domain owners closed the online casino and set up the redirect.

Source: UNN



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